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Are you ready for 457 visa changes?

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HC Online | 25 Mar 2013, 12:00 AM Agree 0
From 1 July 2013 there will be changes to the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) program – are you ready?
  • Anne-Marie Orrock, Corporate Canary HR Consulting | 26 Mar 2013, 05:00 PM Agree 0
    It is a difficult decision for a business to make, and many pro's & con's. Forcing businesses to search locally can add the 'hidden' costs of of recruitment and turnover to a business. Such as Cost of Vacancy to a position, when an overseas option is ready and available, and the cost of replacing a local hire who is much more likely to move on from the company sooner, than a 457 holder. 457 employees are more likely to stay around, however those with families can have a lower endurance rate. Therein is the gamble with 457 employees versus local employees. It comes down to the individual situation.
  • ushi | 27 Mar 2013, 09:22 AM Agree 0
    how can the union validate their recent Canberra stop work meeting in favour of 457 visa holders getting 'market rates' when -
    (a) they were ONLY building labourers; and
    (b) it is so hard for Australian citizens to get a job.

    The steady increase in Company Liquidations, especially in the Building sector, s/be a warning to Government .. bcoz more company failures means more jobs lost and more CentreLink payments required to be paid....

    457 visas SHOULD BE STOPPED
    or, Incentives to employ/train Australians need to be provided..
    Employing/ training Australian citizens provides for the future of Australia...
    .. Employing from overseas does NOT ... it is an easy cop out for some companies..
    AND, visas that consistently allow overseas students to stay in Australia s/be stopped -bcoz they are jumping the queue for people that have applied to migrate here
  • Jo Public | 27 Mar 2013, 11:38 AM Agree 0
    457 visas are the effect of a lack of planning and investment by businesses. They are a cheap easy solution to training and investment in Australian people and Australia. The preference is to profits and shareholders.
    Now that the mining boom is over and there is a move towards gas many companies would prefer to bring in new expertise (457) rather than retrain engineers already in Australia. I was trained as and international mechanical engineer and not an oil and gas engineer. Most of the rotating equipment used in oil and gas is used in other industries. No one wants to give me a chance to learn the differences and move me into oil and gas. Now the country has to fund these unemployed mining people that have been made permanent residents by the companies that brought them over and now they don't need. No one wants to look at the long term problems its all shortermism.
  • Simon | 28 Mar 2013, 08:40 PM Agree 0
    @ushi.. how can you say "457 should be stopped". what other chances to foreign workers have to migrate to Australia? My dream was it to live and work in Australia and this is one of the options to do so. Europe for example offers many options for Australians to live and work there. Many people seem to forget that
    • Natas | 14 Sep 2015, 01:51 PM Agree 0
      With your levels of English its probably a good thing there aren't more of you. Productivity would drop through the floor.
  • Sam | 31 Mar 2013, 11:45 PM Agree 0
    How can one enforce a company to check if the local talent is available ??? All these practises are already there in other countries such as European countries.

    Many of the IT companies use in-house software tools. In the market you can search for professional with Java , .NET or ORACLE experience. But you wont get any one with the knowledge of these in-house tools. This is because, these tools are used only in that client location/company.

    So , If I want to recruit some body on 457, I simple put an ad saying we need 2 years of experience on this tool , which is developed in house. in this entire world you wont find any one. So I go for 457.

    This is how people will cheat this system

    When IT companies are outsourcing, it mean that out of 100, 70 jobs are going to offshore. at least the remaining 30 should be made available for locals.
  • Dearin & Associates | 02 Apr 2013, 04:11 PM Agree 0
    Like to make a submission to the Senate Enquiry on 457 visas, but not sure how?

    Check out our article on the 457 debate:
  • 457 wonderland | 16 Apr 2013, 12:44 PM Agree 0
    This is pure exploitation of 457 and they should be capped otherwise we will end up like Europe where there are too many immigrants and locals are on social security money.My husband has 10+ yrs IT experience and an MBA from AGSM and he still can\t find a job in IT here--- what does this shows, something is wrong somewhere for sure. What will happen to those young graduates who are spending their youth studying thinking at the end they will have a decent job? Should IT be abolished from UNI since we can't provide a decent job after graduation?
  • Jane | 16 Apr 2013, 05:25 PM Agree 0
    I work in the healthcare industry and we depend on 457 professionals to fill impossible to recruit for positions in rural areas. All employees are paid in accord with the agreements. Most become long term permanent employees providing essential healthcare in isolated areas
  • Justin G | 24 Apr 2013, 10:21 AM Agree 0
    I feel that the fundamentals of the 457 visa program is sound by the government especially when you look at checklists from sites such as The issue is the unbalanced number of applications by job sector which the government needs to review.
  • Phillip Glanville | 24 Apr 2013, 06:45 PM Agree 0
    without 457 visas most mining companies could not continue to operate. why? because lazy Australians will NOT take up jobs in remote locations!
    also with the proposed increase in TAFE fees there will be a lot less students doing TAFE courses.
  • roxy | 30 Apr 2013, 01:35 AM Agree 0
    Many say SAP is highly skilled and there is resource shortage. They encouraged skilled migration to fill this gap. I am in SAP and lost my job to overseas cheapie though I was better skilled. A look into many Linkedin groups shows that many locals with SAP skills are still struggling.
    Many companies especially in IT are only head resourcing companies who are misusing 457.

    Few simple measures would help.

    There should be limit on number of 457 hires by a company. Similar to USA where the company cannot go for H1B if they do not have more than 50% locals.

    There should be provision to report to DIAC and FWO, if a local with skill has lost job to Overseas worker.

    Train locals to fill the position .
  • Lori | 01 May 2013, 03:59 PM Agree 0
    Surely we live in a world where we should be able to chose where we live. If we are competent and skilled why should we be refused a visa to work in our professions in a country of our choice. sure, if we want to bum around all day on a beach - that is a different matter, but if we want to contribute to the economy and be a valuable asset to the Country, why shouldn't we be allowed to - Helloooooo, human rights???
    I am 49, I will be 50 before i complete 2 years in Australia. I can't apply to be a PR because I haven't been here 2 years yet and when i have I will be 50 so 'too old to apply' where is that fair and just?? Smacks of ageism to me
    • Natas | 14 Sep 2015, 01:56 PM Agree 0
      No its because you are taking jobs from local Australians who deserve the jobs because our country is set up to look after us. If you want your country to be decent, maybe invest in it rather than making our country a hole like yours.
  • Rob | 02 May 2013, 07:01 PM Agree 0
    @Ushi - how can you say "457 visas should be stopped"? And "visas that consistently allow overseas students to stay in Australia s/be stopped"?
    Use your common sense and think about the good they are doing for the Australian economy. 457 visa holders work & pay taxes like the rest of us. Overseas students pay (on average) $25000 a year just for studies (then there's also rent, shopping, sightseeing, family members coming over to visit) - these all promote tourism and boost our economy.
    Maybe the government should put a cap on 457 visas like they do everywhere else in the world, and not stop it altogether.
    What about the asylum seekers / boat people / refugees?? The government has done a fine job of distracting the public from that issue! When these people are granted asylum or refugee visas who do u think pays the taxes to fund them - Australians and 457 visa holders! I've worked with these people in the past & many of them choose not to work because the dole is too good to give up! How about putting a cap on the number of boat people / asylum seekers we let in? The government should be tackling that issue, and not focusing on 457 visas or overseas students or anyone else that pays taxes. Sort out that issue & I'm sure the government would then be able to better fund unemployment, and pile money into further educating and creating more jobs for locals.
    By the way "Ushi" if u want to get technical, we are all "foreigners" in Australia, unless u are a native / Indigenous Australian!
  • Shelly | 10 May 2013, 11:34 AM Agree 0
    I definitely think it needs to be reviewed and only certain jobs can be filled by visa workers. You can't tell me cafe staff and shop keepers are at a shortage of skilled workers. There are so many Aussies looking for a job in any field and have to miss out because the visa holder has been given priority. As a returning to work mum I find it impossible to get a part time job anywhere as about 50% of employers are looking to sponsor from over seas and who's to say that they are even skilled at the jobs they are applying for. What's going to happen when my child is looking for work? I don't want this problem to be on going. If we need skilled engineers, medical staff ect I can understand but we don't need skilled grocery shelf fillers and coffee makers.
  • naffed off | 15 May 2013, 02:43 AM Agree 0
    i work in the health sector and i am struggling to find a 457 to allow me to 'return' after giving a year of my skills in australia to the population and health promotion.
    However as i also worked in the health of the boat people and asylum seekers, i feel i may hop on one and come that way instead!... thats an easy ride in!

    Its hard to see a democracy that promotes an open door and que jump system to people who speak no english and cannot give any skills to the country and just turn up with a load of mates/family and get given a house/etc, when those who ARE skilled and speak perfect english have to take an english test, demonstrate the skills they posses via assessment after assessment and pay for the privelage to practice their skill!!!!
    rant over.
  • George | 19 May 2013, 02:53 AM Agree 0
    My boss treats 457 workers like slaves.
    I spok up and i lost my job.
    He did not pay my salary for the last 8 weeks, and i have no right for any benefits or help from the goverment.
    Now i can't pay the rent, i have no money to buy tickets for me and my family and nobody can help me.

    457 visa system is not a good system for Australians or oversea workers either.
    457 visa system was created for some employers to benefit and make more money.

    I think 457 visa system should stop and people that they want to come to Australia to work must get the Permanent residency prior coming to Australia.
  • Lisa Pong | 02 Jun 2013, 01:56 PM Agree 0
    Thre is no doubt that visa 457 system needs to be monitored . But you cant blame that some OZs lose their jobs because of VISA457 workers . Do you really agree that if there were no more 457 visa workers ,then all the OZs will have their jobs ,and no longer to get money from Centerlink ? I dont think so ,the major problem here is that there are some OZs are born lazy , dont want to work . Or they dont want to hard jobs even they dont have any qualifications .Can you deny that how much the profits that oveseas students and workers contribute to Australian economc , and how much they pay for the tax ,which has been given to those OZs who dont have a job .
    I think education department should teach your young Australians to study hard and work hard ,rather than asking for money from your government like what their parents are doing now .Besides ,as a multicultural country ,it is redicuous that if Australia immigration department say that we are going to stop overseas workers such as visa 457 .
    People who think the visa 457 workers steal OZs job oppourtunities , just didnt find the reason that why they lose the jobs , and blame others .
  • Compliant 457 worker | 08 Jun 2013, 10:49 PM Agree 0
    I fell in love with Australia, paid our way in on a student visa. Was offered a 457 as I could only work 20 hours on student visa. Followed my dream now living a nightmare. All our savings are gone trying to survive on low income and paying very expensive child care. Been on 2 x 457 visas in 5 years, my husband and I work hard and pay our taxes as Australian residents. My daughter was born here and still my we cant get PR until my employer deign to apply for us if we are lucky. 457 is the worst thing that ever happened to us.
  • jill | 09 Jun 2013, 01:06 PM Agree 0
    Once again our government has stuffed us,I have a very dear friend.her family came here to work as no one here wanted to do the job.they have settled in to Oz helping our community and have because very close to me and my family,don't get any benefits from our government ,children in final years of school and now because visa 457 has changed they might have to go back because our government did consider theses family who have near completed there requirements to because many families out there have stress and heat break because of a few Aussies whinging about loosing Jobs not there fault,they just want better lives
  • kd | 12 Jun 2013, 03:03 PM Agree 0
    Hi, I am on mrt and hold bvb visa but my employer is ready to sponser me. I already filed 2weeks before my sponsorship and nomination together. Can I lodge my visa offshore and come back after 2days. I know immi is taking 2-3momths to process it and I dont want to stay long in my country as I have some family property dispute issue. Kindly suggest ma what to do as time is very short.
  • Justin Grossbard | 25 Jun 2013, 12:54 PM Agree 0
    Doubling the 457 visa seems just too dramatic and political for me. If you look at 457 visa resource such as its easy to see that the process is not easy for an applicant and that its unlikely to be abused. Sure, the media and politicians can find a few instances of abuse but to double the fee to people who can't vote in Australia seems like a joke!
  • Matt | 04 Jul 2013, 11:13 AM Agree 0
    George, just report your boss to immigration. He will be forced to pay your airfare. He is obliged to do so as part of the nomination process. Seems the problem is that you do not know your rights well enough. Additionally, I am sure you will also be able to get back payment for your wages (DIAC will point in the right direction)
  • Sidhu | 05 Jul 2013, 04:34 PM Agree 0
    Hi, I am on mrt and hold student visa but my employer sponsor me. I already lodge my application on 27 jun 2013 sponsorship and nomination together. I lodge my visa offshore can i come back To australia now or i need to stay in my country till i get 457 visa I know immi is taking 2-3momths to process it and I dont want to stay long in my country Kindly suggest me what to do
  • Mary | 07 Aug 2013, 12:05 PM Agree 0
    from 457 SKILLED worker




    please give us a break. we help your economy go up by helping build your country. There are many countries who thank expats build their country, and Australia is not one of them.

    WE PAY TAXES and WE DO NOT BENEFIT from it. when you don't have jobs, the TAXES WE PAY GO TO AUSTRALIANS for handouts. when we lose our jobs we get deported in 28 days. Now who thinks 457 workers are getting more from Tax Money?

    WE PAY TAXES, but we are NOT covered by MEDICARE.

    there are lots of unsubstantiated claims that 457 workers are taking advantage of Australian benefits. unsubstantiated.

    It would be great if Australians promote TERTIARY EDUCATION so people would be SKILLED and there will be no shortage. Don't blame us just cos we are skilled.

    It would be great if Australians promote DILIGENCE. Get to work whether SKILLED or NOT SKILLED. white collar jobs or blue collar jobs or any jobs. 457s only take up jobs that Australians cannot fill, or wouldn't want to do.

    Have the initiative to study. have the initiative to work for experience. make it a new culture.

    don't blame 457s. 457s help your country more than you give credit for.
  • Karen | 15 Aug 2013, 10:53 PM Agree 0

    How dare you suggest that Australians aren't skilled?! We are and I'm one of them!! Australians are however concerned about what will happen when the mining boom eases and Perth is not able to sustain these extra people. Are they all going to up and leave, not likely, because many will be on permanent residency visas by then. How about you look first to the countries where you came from ie Ireland and the UK where work is at an all time low. How about you judge the economies there and mismanagement before you dare to suggest we are not skilled.
  • Mary | 16 Aug 2013, 01:32 PM Agree 0
    Miss Karen, READ my comments again and understand it better. It was not suggesting that Australians are not skilled workers. Use your skills to comprehend the gist and respond professionally.

    "Skilled or not skilled" meaning two groups of workers. Both classes of Australians need to change attitudes.

    Please be careful with how you speak and do not attack me. I posted constructive comments and doesn't suggest you are unskilled.

    Note that not only you Skilled Australians are concerned about 457s and migrants. Don't exclude not skilled and blue collar australian workers.

    If you are concerned about permanent residents, that's a totally different thing. But to answer your concern, if PRs do not have a job related to their field that was approved for PR in a year, they get deported, too.

    Also note that as the mining boom eases, LNG is levelling up. And it is still a fact that there is shortage of local skilled workers.
  • Karen | 16 Aug 2013, 09:49 PM Agree 0

    Have the initiative to study. have the initiative to work for experience. make it a new culture.

    How was your comment above constructive? You make Australians sound lazy and with limited University spots not everyone has the opportunity to get in. Australia has politicans with little common sense and a lot of greed. It's unfortunate that they rather take money from international students than allow placements to Aussies. You should do some research, you don't know the full picture. I went to school here and I know that when I graduated there were less opportunities in the early 90s. Maybe a little more so now, but still it's very competitive. It's easy to get into university in the US, there are multiple choices unlike Australia. I've not only worked here, but in the UK and US also. I am also continuing my studies, like many are today. My anger comes from first hand knowledge of 457 holders being placed in positions that have Australians available. I have some recruitment consultant friends who have seen this happen. Hopefully with the changes this practice will decrease. Sorry if I sounded like I am attacking you, but not all of your comments were constructive.

  • SAP Local | 18 Aug 2013, 01:28 AM Agree 0
    As an SAP Consultant, I can see that many of my colleagues who are Australian born local workers are unemployed due to companies rorting the 457 visa system and bringing these guys in by the truckloads because they are cheaper. There is no skills shortage in SAP presently and I don't see how Fujitsu, Accenture and a couple of these other large IT Consulting firms can justify bringing so many of them's laughable, unless you're without a job!
  • Linda Stewmorter | 02 Sep 2013, 11:22 PM Agree 0
    I am disgusted that in todays day and age, if you are over 50 you cannot be granted a visa to work in Australia. Based on the fact that in the UK you are now expected to work until you are 68 that means Australia are effectively writing off the last 18 years of a working life!!
    We are professionally qualified to post graduate, experienced by 20 years and yet not deemed 'viable' for a visa-what's that all about and why is Australia or any other country allowed to discriminate so blatantly? If you can secure an employer, you should be able to secure the visa and visa versa! Disgusting
  • Really? | 14 Oct 2013, 05:20 PM Agree 0
    WOW so we are being shipped in by the truckload, we will all stay when the mining boom is over and there are more suitable Australians what sweeping generalisations!! Every industry is different and so is every employee.

    Pretty offensive comments to those who have worked hard, got a good job and kept it. Just because they are on a 457 that some people think it's not deserved.

    Perhaps helpful comments on improvements to the system to ensure its proper use would be more constructive. For example:

    Limiting the number of Graduate able to go on 457 visas (<3years experience) ;
    Requiring 2 Aussies to be trained for each manual role (e.g. coffee shops, builders etc.); A more transparent process to prove why an Australian can't fill the role or why the 457 applicant is more suitable.
  • J | 30 Nov 2013, 02:17 AM Agree 0
    I studied here in Australia and my parents are citizen here but I'm not
    Then after I graduated a company recruited me and sponsored me as a 457
    I studied hard and got my goal
    For those people who discriminate 457s
    Think again
    Where I studied only 1 out of 48 students are local and did not even care and said not to worry government pay for his studies
    So in conclusion most 457s deserve to have the chance to work here in Australia that's y we are here to help everybody
    My only advice is for the few who just waits to get paid by taxpayers pls make ur self useful so we won't be having this issue now
  • Kate | 16 Jan 2014, 11:49 PM Agree 0
    I came across this article while searching on 457 visas. Although the comments are quite old, I find some of the criticisms of Australians as "born lazy" and not interested in gaining tertiary qualifications to be truly appalling. I fear this is a common perception amongst people from certain countries.

    It is worth noting that Australian teritary institutions (both TAFE and university) have had government funding reduced to the point where they are reliant on full fee paying international students. There is no shortage of young people in Australia's neighbouring regions. What this means is that tertiary institutions now have more international students than domestic students.

    Jobs which used to be an early opportunity to for local teens to gain work experience (supermarket, fast food) are now often held by 457s and international students.

    And when it's cheaper and easier to bulk recruit 457s, why bother training anyone local?

    It's all about the money!

    What do people honestly expect is going to happen in the long term to locals who can't get a go?
  • caca | 17 Jan 2014, 01:49 PM Agree 0
    @ Kate - 457 visa holders are not working at supermarkets or fast food places. Their title has to be on the approved occupation list in the state they are applying for. These are most commonly used in corporate offices where the skill sets required may be more difficult to find locally.
    Also in terms of being cheap, 457 visa holders must be paid equivalent to market rate for their occupation and employers must prove this. So actually they are more expensive because you also pay fees for the sponsoring of the employee.

    Speaking from an employers perspective, Aussies do not have the work ethic that people from other countries do especially countries like the US where salaried employees work very long hours with no additional compensation. This is not to say that Aussies should not be pushing back and trying to keep the work life balance. However this is part of why having foreign talent is attractive as well.
  • caca | 17 Jan 2014, 01:57 PM Agree 0
    @Linda - Although your comment makes sense, an undeniable fact is once over the age of 50 you are more likely to have health issues (including work place injuries) which would mean that you may not have as many full capacity working years as others who are younger.
    Also countries are looking for talent to meet skills shortage which are usually in technology areas and again this is a generalisation but hard to argue - people over 50 are probably not going to be significantly more tech savvy then someone in their 20s/30s.
    There has to be guidelines and every country is entitled to put in their own regulations and visa requirements.
  • Phillip Glanville | 17 Jan 2014, 04:39 PM Agree 0
    the comment by; caca on 17/01/2014 1:57:18 PM are both offensive and incorrect.
    many young people are in such bad shape from drugs etc., they are totally unemployable.
    I will NOT employ anyone under the age of 40 years.
  • caca | 21 Jan 2014, 09:27 AM Agree 0
    @Phillip - how is that offensive?
    Is it not a fact that those over 50 will be more likely to have health issues than someone in their 20s/30s?
    Is it also not a fairly accurate statement to say that someone also 50 or over will likely have less technical skills than someone younger?
    I deal with some people who are just over 40 and have a hard time completing an application. They want to complete paper ones for a job that requires basic computer skills.
    And is it not accurate to say every country is entitled to put their own regulations and requirements for visas?
    I'm glad you employ those that are older and by no means would I say that's a bad thing, however we do need to be realistic about WHY those regulations are in place by the government.
  • Chris | 22 Apr 2014, 11:45 AM Agree 0
    As someone who is the web development sector of the IT industry with over 10 years experience my 2 cents worth is that the 457 has been an enabler, but also crippling.

    The 457 has enabled me to work in Australia and I am very thankful for it (I've met my partner here as well as enjoyed the life style). But as a 31 year old tech savvy entrepreneur from the UK it is simply very difficult to really embrace employment here in Australia.

    I appreciate that a lot of people have bent the rules, but for us who have toed the line and genuinely helped Australian businesses it gets a little long in the tooth when your constantly under threat of the visa "noose" that employers are more than happy to deploy on occasion when they need you to work 60+ hours.

    As with most "systems", the 457 has been made overly complicated due to the "few who ruin it for the rest of us". Personally I believe a 457 visa application should be an interview process with immigration where they make the decision (with someone from that industry) on the value that you bring and from there allow you to work (as any other Australian) temporarily until you decide to go for PR (which is another $8k).

    If your a young entrepreneur you can simply forget trying to build anything if you have a 457 business visa (again businesses will happily let you build their business for them). The 2 years with one employer removes the ability to help small / medium businesses with small contracts and you end up trying to survive the 2 year process, when really you should be bringing opportunities and enjoying the life that we have here in Australia. Oh and even if you survive the 2 years, the employer can then simply let you go and you have to start again..

    Its not just about the skills shortage (in the IT industry), its about the opportunities here that 457 holders just simply can't support / create in a constantly changing marketplace when they are tied down by the 457.

    Making the 457 difficult for people who genuinely want to work / live here is simply making me want to move to another country (which is a shame).
  • tom | 26 Apr 2014, 02:08 AM Agree 0
    actually every proffession or nearly every job you can think of is in the 457 list of jobs required in OZ, my friend is an out of work geologist and that is still listed as required in the list.
  • joe smith | 16 Jan 2015, 09:00 PM Agree 0
    tv program on ABC interview finance minister qualified =lawyer learns the job as he goes along.So much for skilled labour.
  • Unemployed_geologist | 03 Feb 2015, 12:10 PM Agree 0
    The 457 system is a joke. I made a representation to parliament through my local member to have geologists taken off the skilled visa list; to no avail. A huge amount of Australian geo's are out of work yet companies continue to import foreign geologists. Check out geologists on LinkedIn; they're predominantly educated overseas. These companies lock in the 457 worker; the worker often signs an agreement that they will repay the application and follow up payments that the company foots the bill for should they leave the company within a specified time frame (often a number of years). This leverage is not possible with an Australian employee. I am not eligible for employment assistance as my wife is still employed (barely; she's a geologist too). Why did my descendants bother fighting in various wars so their children could have a bright future? I no longer have a sense of national pride. I see this country for what it is; a nation controlled by a few self serving and uncaring out of touch politicians with no long term vision who are happy to bend Australian workers over to allow foreign corporations to increase their profit margins.
  • Rosella Gilbert | 11 Jul 2015, 01:30 PM Agree 0
    The list of Skilled occupations on the 457 list reads like a general alphabetical listing of jobs availible generally in Australia.
    for example, a 457 visa for Hairdressers??? Do we need more hairdressers. or.... painter Visual Arts,as a visual artist...its not like there are a heaps of jobs out there, and certainly...not to need a special Visa......what else have we got, a Florist, Interior Decorator......
    Why is the govt doing this..???...of course people are rorting the system... the same time youth unemployemt at record levels.
    Half the mining companies employ 457 when they carry on about job creations , when going ahead with digging up our country....
    ,,,but overseas workers are getting the jobs
    Its mental, doesnt make sense
    I dont think there is a skill shortgage in Sculptors, or Ceramic artist.....Actors.............. skill shortage in Actors
    I am sure all the Australian Actors would like to know where the shortage is.
    Make Up artist, art many jobs to choose from.
    Its A joke, and very Sad for young people trying to get a foot in the job market.

  • TrueBlue | 31 Oct 2015, 04:25 PM Agree 0
    Hi Wonderland,

    It's a shame your husband didn't check an obscure job site my employer listed a position on twice before hiring an UNQUALIFIED foreign student to fill the role.

    I cannot believe the 457 was approved given that the trainee has no relevant education or experience and no exposure to IT.

    The company is training the 457 trainee in EVERYTHING needed to do their job, including giving them textbooks to learn the theory... and paying them far above the award minimum wage to do so.

    I am disgusted at my employer for stealing a job from our economy and an unbelievable opportunity that could have been given to an Australian student. The work is very specialised and the foreign student was not even required to understand what they would be doing since they are being trained over a year to teach them. I am very angry at the government for allowing this!

    Also, I'm not sure if a list of job shortages on the internet is correct - but if so, almost everything including florists, hospitality workers and admin clerks are on the list. Are we seriously expected to believe there are no Australians qualified to work in such areas?

    There are plenty of Australians with a lot to offer who cannot find work, meanwhile we're giving their jobs to non-Australians.

    Then we see the politicians delivering media addresses shaming Australians on unemployment benefits and calling them dole bludgers!

    Those charged with the responsibility of running our country should be the ones on the dole queue, instead of robbing us of all opportunities and being rewarded with lifelong benefits and free travel for it!
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