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  • PwC abolishes employee dress code by Nicola Middlemiss

    The top accountancy firm has officially relaxed its rules on work wear – just weeks after one receptionist was sent home for refusing to wear heels.

  • Employee sent home for not wearing high heels by Miklos Bolza

    A receptionist has been sent home without pay after refusing to wear heels in an incident which has sparked social backlash online.

  • Redefining performance management at PwC by

    The performance management processes in many organisations have become overly complicated and far removed from their ultimate purpose: to enhance the performance of employees. Recognising these problems, PricewaterhouseCoopers has refreshed how performance is managed. HCTV chats about the changes with Deb Eckersley, managing partner of human capital at PwC.

  • Opinion: Every business unit is a profit centre – including HR by External

    Mahadevan Natarajan outlines how HR can transform itself from the traditional cost-centre to a profit-centre - with some help from analytics.

  • What’s your CEO worried about? by Nicola Middlemiss

    A global survey is shedding some light on the troubles burdening top business leaders and it seems HR problems are top of the pile

  • Opinion: Does HR have a role in navigating the STEM skills gap? by External

    What can HR do, if anything, to lessen the gap being created by the shortage in STEM skills? A tech sector expert has some ideas.

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