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  • Female-owned businesses more attractive to millennials by Nicola Middlemiss

    Organisations can learn a lot about company culture from female-owned businesses – says VP of global strategy and talent.

  • Are the skills you need right under your nose? by Human Capital

    Nearly half of Australian employers have trouble finding the right job candidates, but current employees may already have the required skills.

  • Struggling to fill roles? You’re not alone by Janie Smith

    A new survey shows that 41% of Australian employers are having trouble finding the right candidates for the job. Find out which roles are the hardest to fill.

  • Employment law around Asia Pacific by Tammy Buckley

    There have been some significant changes in the Australian employment law space especially around bullying. Here's what is happening in that space for our closest neighbours.

  • Are recruiters ignoring their best resource? by Caitlin Nobes

    Technology has made huge changes in recruiters’ roles, but are they neglecting valuable sources of information?

  • ​Data or Die by HCA

    Research suggests the talent acquisition function has the highest business impact of any of the HR functions. David Bernstein outlines how Big Data can assist and why HR can’t be strategic without it

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