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  • The Business of Ironing by HRM

    Have you ever wondered why we iron our clothes? I have, and it usually is around the time when I am doing just that. Smooth, flat, pressed clothes are part of our culture. It is important in our personal life, and important in business. Friends might tease you about "rolling out of bed in those clothes", or it may impact how your colleagues view you.

  • How to recruit “passive candidates” by Human Capital

    The talent your organisation needs might be right under your nose, in the form of “passive candidates” – workers who are open to new job opportunities, but aren’t actively looking for them.

  • On the new SHRM competency based certification by HCA

    Resident blogger Benjamin Patient shares his opinion on the new SHRM certification program

  • 3 keys to transforming the performance review by HCA

    Resident blogger Benjamin Patient surmises on the three things that are missing from many companies' review strategies

  • Blog: Three keys to transforming the performance review by Human Capital

    Are performance reviews doing the trick, or are they an antiquated practice that needs an overhaul? HR professional Benjamin Patient shares his views.

  • Adobe bids adieu to performance reviews by Iain Hopkins

    HC talks to Adobe’s HR chief about why and how they ditched performance reviews in favor of ongoing check-ins.

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