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  • “Bugger Generation Y” by Miklos Bolza

    Are we paying too much attention to the younger generation in the workforce? One business advisor thinks so

  • Are we on the verge of ‘peak human’? by HCA

    Horses were essential to the workforce until they were replaced by machinery. Are humans next?

  • How KPMG built the workplace of the future by Miklos Bolza

    The professional services giant talks about how its ‘activity-based’ workplace stimulates innovation and collaboration amongst staff

  • The value of hiring more scientists by Miklos Bolza

    To recruit the very best staff for your firm, it may be time for HR departments to look for candidates from non-traditional fields

  • Divide and conquer by HRD

    Segmenting your corporate communications is a way to get the right message to the right person, says one HR expert

  • Team building in disguise by HRD

    Forget bowling or laser tag for your next team-building event and discover why you should lock your staff in a room instead

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