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  • HRD issue 13.09 by

    KFC may have made its name with 11 secret herbs and spices, but the key to its HR success is more transparent. With one of the world’s largest contingent workforces, Miklos Bolza talks to the company’s chief people officer for SOPAC about L&D within this challenging environment

  • Revealed: Australian HR Awards finalists by HCA

    Find out who has been nominated as the best in Australia's HR industry.

  • Exclusive: L&D at KFC by HCA

    Many young workers associate fast food with dead-end labour, but KFC’s HR chief explains how he’s dispelling that notion through professional growth initiatives.

  • Lighter side: The $30K hotdog by Chloe Taylor

    A company in Ireland was ordered to pay its former employee $29,134 in compensation after the employee was sacked for upsizing his own hotdog.

  • HR under fire – how can you put out the flames? Part one by Tammy Buckley

    HR has found itself under the bad publicity spotlight recently, but how can the department deal with unfavourable press and rebuild afterwards?

  • The HR Edge: Career planning....shaping your future by

    Plan for nothing and you'll get nothing. David Burrell argues that the best career planning does not happen in 'bad times' but rather when someone is fully engaged in their role and achieving great results.

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