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  • Six steps to building a culture of recognition by

    From as little as $100-150 per employee per year, employers can build recognition programs that deliver tangible business results through more engaged and productive workers. Here are six tips to do it well.

  • Could consulting make you a better HR leader? by Sarah Megginson

    Leaving your corporate career to launch an HR consultancy could be the perfect way to reinvigorate your career.

  • Sarah Rodgers: ​Ready for Take-Off by Iain Hopkins

    Ensuring travellers get to and from their destinations as smoothly as possible takes a huge effort – and ultimately comes down to the deft management of a vast array of employees. Iain Hopkins steps behind the scenes to see how HR operates at Australia’s busiest airport

  • Lighter side: IBM’s corporate songbook revealed by Janie Smith

    Employees at IBM once had to sing for their supper – literally. The company published a book of songs praising the company and its founder in the 1920s, a concept which would baffle modern workers.

  • ​In Person: Cindy Reid, Konica Minolta by Iain Hopkins

    Cindy Reid, Konica Minolta’s Australian head of HR, reflects upon balancing the humanitarian and commercial aspects of HR, lessons learnt from bad leaders, and how she is preparing for a massive transformation project

  • Disruption may be the key to success by Human Capital

    Have you ever felt that you should be in the driving seat rather than just serving the board? Here are some tips on how to assume a more trailblazing role.

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