HR, Tech and the employee experience

HR, Tech and the employee experience

Have you noticed the shift in HR job titles? Recent years have seen titles like “HR Manager” evolve into more sophisticated forms like ‘People & Culture Director’, ‘People & Performance Officer’ and ‘Talent Operations Manager’. There are a number of reasons, but a key factor is that professionals and corporate heads are growing uncomfortable with the idea of treating humans as “resources”.

In conjunction with this shift, there’s been more of an emphasis on the “employee experience” – or EX – in the workplace. But how will these changes affect you?

In this essential report from ELMO, you’ll learn all about EX:

  • Why your business needs to make the move from HR to EX
  • The barriers to improving EX – and how you can beat them
  • Why employees want digitilisation
  • Digitilising HR to improve EX
  • How AI fits into the talent lifecycle

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