How To Avoid Your Technology Rollout Failing

How To Avoid Your Technology Rollout Failing
The replacement and upgrade of HRIS platforms and information systems is experiencing growth as companies seek to retain, deploy and manage staff more effectively.  This fly’s in the face of an otherwise flat growth Australian IT market, and high failure rates of IT rollouts:  resisted by, or rejected by employees.  
This accessible whitepaper shows you how to negotiate around the common pitfalls and most common obstacles that project managers encounter.
  • Australia’s experiencing an upswing in the replacement and upgrade of HRIS systems – spurred on by a need to deploy more effectively the most expensive component of most organisations:  their staff
  • New HR technology rollouts face a 1-in-2 chance of failure – largely due to employee resistance, or failed uptake of new systems
  • The top 5 factors that have been identified as causing failure are easily avoidable, but come to some organisations as a complete surprise
  • Communication first and foremost is a key factor – including being prepared to answer employees around the most frequent question, “Why?”
  • Companies implementing new HR systems need to think outside of the Headquarters or Organisational box
  • Ensure your change management team is visible, monitoring progress and recognising successes
  • Maintain the momentum found during roll-out post transition

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