Getting smart about Emotional Intelligence

Getting smart about  Emotional Intelligence

Across all walks of life, people recognise that understanding their own and other people’s emotions is a highly useful skill. Leveraging this skill – Emotional Intelligence, or EI – correctly can enable better problem-solving and a healthier workplace environment. Emotional Intelligence can make a powerful contribution to job performance in any role requires developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships. 


Traditional approaches to assessing EI have presented a number of challenges – but things are changing fast. New approaches offer rigour, efficiency and an enhanced candidate experience. 


Revelian’s latest whitepaper explores key insights into the field, including:


• What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

• Why is it important?

• The role of EI in great leadership, customer service and sales

• How to measure EI

• Why EI and Game Based Assessments are a perfect fit


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