Free Whitepaper: Workplace Culture Continuity

Free Whitepaper: Workplace Culture Continuity

How have companies addressed the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to their people and culture? 

Most organizations have struggled with effectively maintaining company culture during the pandemic. However, it’s critical for organizations to implement culture continuity for business success. If organizations are not aligning every business process to their values, they’re missing out on a powerful opportunity for more effective decision making, better hires, and higher levels of employee engagement.

In this free whitepaper, learn from the perspectives of more than 1,000 employees on how their organizations address challenges and company culture. Read their thoughts on work-life balance and employee wellbeing, their organization’s values alignment, and how culture alignment changed during the pandemic.

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  • The role of employee rewards and recognition in employee experience
  • Driving business outcome with improved employee engagement
  • The value of culture alignment in times of a crisis

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