Free Whitepaper: The hybrid model of working

Free Whitepaper: The hybrid model of working


WFH or ‘working from home’ has become common vocabulary and the new reality for many of us. 

As workers ease into this new mode of work, another significant change is lurking around the corner. 

Hybrid working is the next big buzzphrase as countries slowly transition to a post-pandemic world. The term, however, creates an unlimited number of variables that will affect job descriptions and workplace arrangements. 

As employees split their time between WFH and returning to the office, what responsibilities will employers face? 

Download the handbook from Unmind to learn how organisations can navigate this new era of work. Learn the basics of the hybrid model, its unique challenges, and how to develop an HR strategy that proactively supports employees. 

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  • Rolling out a hybrid structure that works for everyone 
  • How WFH has revolutionised the modern workplace
  • Ways to mentally prepare for returning to the office 
  • How to spot the signs of struggling employees
  • Reframing the discussion on employee mental wellbeing 

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