Free Whitepaper: The cost of a poor hire

Free Whitepaper: The cost of a poor hire

Employees are the lifeblood of your company. But, it only takes one poor hire to severely impact an organisation. Is your hiring process using the best practices to weed out poor performing employees at the recruitment stage?  

It’s important that your organisations can break down, not just the regular costs of hiring new staff, but also the additional cost for new hires that don’t work out. 

Download this free whitepaper and learn more about the wide-ranging costs of hiring the wrong candidate, and the steps HR professionals should take to avoid or handle this situation. Ensure that every hire you make is qualified and a great fit for your office culture and environment. 

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  • What constitutes as a poor hire
  • How to calculate the financial loss of a poor hiring choice
  • How to ensure you hire the right people

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