Free Whitepaper: Emotional Intelligence At Work

Free Whitepaper: Emotional Intelligence At Work

Emotional intelligence or EI has emerged as one of the most essential qualities for personal and professional success. In the workplace, regardless of the occupation or industry, emotional intelligence is incredibly valuable.

EI becomes particularly critical in roles that require building and maintaining positive relationships or roles that require emotional resilience. In many cases, it can be the single skill that sets high performers apart from others with similar technical skills and knowledge. During a time when employee retention and recruitment is a top priority, HR leaders need to consider the role emotional intelligence plays in finding and keeping the best talent.

In this free whitepaper, Criteria, a talent success company, presents how emotional intelligence can play a significant role in increasing candidate diversity, employee productivity, and revenue. Download now and get access to case studies that demonstrate the positive impact testing for emotional intelligence can have on your organisation.

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  • Concept of EI and how it aligns with modern theory and research
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  • The importance of hiring emotionally intelligent in leaders.

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