Free Whitepaper: Connection in the Workplace

Free Whitepaper: Connection in the Workplace

According to Slack’s October 2021 Future Forum Pulse Report, only one-third of employees want to return to work, but our latest research has uncovered that the tide is quickly turning. 

Employees are starting to feel the impacts of the lack of genuine human connection over these past couple of years with the rise of remote work. 

Enboarder dives into the business value of human connections in the workplace in this guide by surveying over 1,000 full-time employees. Understand how much human connection means to your employees, how connection affects their office and work life, and how you can tear down the roadblocks and facilitate an environment of connection to help your people truly flourish.

You will learn:

  • Why human connection is a vital employee benefit 
  • How a strong sense of connection impacts job satisfaction and employee wellness
  • What makes employees feel connected, and what keeps them from it
  • Key principles for improving human connection

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