Free Whitepaper: 2023 Global Culture Report

Free Whitepaper: 2023 Global Culture Report

How can your organisation adjust to the new era of work amid prevailing uncertainty? How can you make your people feel a greater sense of connection, community and fulfilment? And how can you support, challenge and inspire them to contribute great work?

This 2023 Global Culture Report from O.C. Tanner Institute explores the major themes that can impact your HR and culture strategies for 2023 and provides insights that will help you tap into your culture's strengths – or build an even stronger one.

In this report you will learn:

  • Key elements of strong workplace cultures that attract, engage, and retain talent
  • The relationship between a thriving culture and workplace community
  • How to fortify weary leaders
  • The impact of personal fulfillment on employee retention
  • The importance of integrating recognition and symbolism into your culture

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