Are you equipped to develop a mentally healthy workplace?

There are steps HR can take to lead a mentally healthy workplace

Are you equipped to develop a mentally healthy workplace?

Are your leaders prepared to positively contribute to developing and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace?

At the upcoming National HR Summit, Kristina Billings, Director of Health at Work, will step you through the Mentally Healthy Leadership Checklist, a tool that you can use to self-assess or to share with leaders in your organisation. 

She will show you how to facilitate a conversation using the checklist and provide you with a list of actions individuals and teams can take to develop their ability to lead a mentally healthy workplace.

Moreover, Health at Work have recently gone digital with their monthly subscription service, Healthy Body & Mind. 

The service will enable employees to have access to a monthly dose of exclusive recipes, information flyers, webinars, videos and giveaways covering themes inspired by National Health Awareness days.

In addition to the educational materials and monthly live webinars with health specialists, subscription options also include access to participate in behavioural change challenges with employees across Australia, and promotion of your company’s internal health & wellbeing initiatives.

Healthy Body & Mind is device-responsive, and can be shared via promotional materials or an icon on your intranet.

Kristina Billings is running the workshop at booth number 3 at 9:45 on Day two (March 26). To register for the National HR Summit, click here.

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