Effective performance management tips

Smart leaders know the importance of adapting to manage a diverse talent pool

Effective performance management tips

Smart leaders know the importance of adapting to manage a diverse talent pool and staying on top of performance management is better for business.

An article written by HRD's Coann Labitoria, gives practical tips for leaders and managers to improve their performance management skills.

Performance management is the evaluation of an employees’ performance and output. It is a line of communication between manager and employee where objectives, goals and expectations are set and reviewed to be inline with goals and objectives of the company.

8 effective performance strategies that work.

  1. Communicate goals and performance expectations

Communication is key! Make sure employees are aware of the goals of the company and the result you expect from the employee.

  1. Review and update KPIs if needed

Regularly review KPIs to ensure measurements are still aligned and effective.

  1. Have regular check-ins and constant feedback

Have regular check-ins. This helps you to check in with progress and discuss any challenges the employee may be facing.

  1. Offer trainings for career development

Performance management is ensuring that employees have the skills and knowledge to perform their role. Offering educational tools ensures active improvement and efficient, high-quality output.

  1. Recognise exceptional employees

Reward and recognition can be helpful for employees who need that extra push to reach their goals and significantly boost the employee’s morale and happiness within the company.

  1. Help poor performers turn around their performance

Set clear goals, exchange constructive feedback and recognize achievements together to enhance performance and the quality of work they create.

  1. Let your employees be involved in the process

Employees are the main benefactor in the performance management program so it’s natural for them to be involved in every step and decision being made in the program.

  1. Trust your employees

Employers can only do so much to help employees, it is up to them to make the effort to change.

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