What is the future of HR?

'Cultivating a diverse, empowered, accountable and engaged workforce is key to achieving sustainable growth'

What is the future of HR?

Sustainable growth is more important now than ever, particularly given the technological changes of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), according to Nicolette Barnard, head of HR, Siemens.

“Cultivating a diverse, empowered, accountable and engaged workforce is key to achieving sustainable growth,” Barnard told HRD.

For Siemens, a rewards and recognition program that reflects these key elements is important to maintaining the engagement and motivation of employees. Ultimately, this will help drive sustainable growth, according to Barnard.

“As technology creates increasingly personalised and engaging experiences around us, it is imperative our reward and recognition platforms reflect our workforce diversity. This is why the topic of rewards and recognition is important to HR professionals.”

Indeed, Barnard is speaking at next year’s National HR Summit on the topic of This is the Future of HR.

“Events like the HR Summit are great for collaboration. We do our best when we work with and learn from each other,” she said.

“The HR Summit will be an excellent platform to witness industry best practices and identify new opportunities for collaboration.”

So if Barnard could give one piece of advice to HR professionals relating to her topic, what would it be?

“My advice would be to think strategically about the future, map out what will matter to employees then and address how you can help them be better prepared the future,” said Barnard.

She added that with our lives getting busier, it’s easy to get caught up in ‘busy work’ and focus on the day-to-day activities.

“Strategic preparation and support is more important than ever now. Employee engagement is multi-dimensional and not one size fits all, have a holistic approach and a broad view of how to engage your teams.”

Nicolette Barnard is speaking at the National HR Summit in Sydney from 26-27 of March.


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