How can HR get digital transformation right?

IDC has identified five key trends and actions that support digital transformation and the development of HR

How can HR get digital transformation right?

Two-thirds of European Financial Times 500 enterprises have placed digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy.

Why is this statistic so crucial to HR?

The way the workforce is utilised, managed, and improved, is a central feature to transformation and it’s HR professionals who must deal with delivering change, according to a new IDC guide by SAP SuccessFactors.

Moreover, the evolution of traditional HR practices to focus on the employee experience and drive better customer experiences means HR must be a key strategic partner to accelerate digital transformation.

Indeed, the IDC research found that among HR professionals and line-of-business (LOB) managers, there is this common idea: HR is critical to digital transformation.

IDC has identified five key trends and actions that support digital transformation and the development of HR. These include:

Empowering HR across the business - By empowering managers and employees with self-service HR tools, organisations can streamline processes and free up HR resources to focus on transformation.

Impactful HR decision making - The use of analytics throughout the employee life cycle enables organisations to identify issues and drive increased

levels of productivity and engagement.

Managing a flexible workforce - Contingent, seasonal, or even virtual workers are now part of the talent ecosystem, but they are not part of the HR

process. They need to be managed as if they were FTEs.

Continuous employee engagement - Existing evaluations are sporadic, time consuming, and expensive. Regular and distributed feedback from across the

business delivers constant improvements.

Social and collaborative learning - Social learning can turn everyone into both teachers and students, empowering knowledge sharing across the business

and making L&D far more engaging.

In addition to providing a detailed strategy to support these trends, the guide also includes:

  • How to identify your current resources and acquire the right tools for digital transformation

  • A logical plan to deliver transformation

  • The processes needed to understand transformation progress and results

Access this IDC guide by SAP SuccessFactors by clicking here.


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