How HR can improve the hiring process

In a tight market, the hiring experience must be gold standard

How HR can improve the hiring process

With pressure on successful recruitment, how can organisations ensure fairness and efficiency in the hiring process? Indeed’s APAC Senior Economist, Callam Pickering, says it’s important in today’s tight labour market to interact early on with candidates - as opposed to getting caught up in a lot of the administrative activities associated with hiring.

“From an effectiveness perspective, it's about identifying those top candidates early in the process and potentially fast tracking them through your hiring process, looking to reduce that early-stage turnover and the costs that are associated with that,” says Pickering.

Fairness and transparency are also essential in building trust, taking into consideration issues like diversity and inclusion, and making sure that the business complies with all the legal requirements with regard to fair and ethical hiring.

And, finally, from an engaging perspective, it’s ensuring that the hiring process is a positive experience not only for candidates, but also for hiring managers and recruiters.

Common problems that Pickering identifies is the lack of well-developed competency-based questions and lack of objective evaluation criteria from an efficiency perspective.

Poorly structured interviews or incorrect interview questions in a hiring process can give candidates a poor experience which may lead to them opting out of the process.

AI is transforming all areas of working life including the hiring process. What a person says in an interview can be transcribe into words automatically, and then the words scored for meaning. Using technology also assists in eliminating bias that you are more likely to find when humans are assessing candidates. Overcoming bias towards marginalised groups such as people on the autism spectrum or people with disabilities is even more crucial at bringing these under-represented groups into the workforce.

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