Revealed: The habits of successful remote workers

These small acts can be empowering

Revealed: The habits of successful remote workers

Do you take a few minutes each day to clear your inbox or declutter your desk? Do you take short breaks to recharge yourself? Do you start your work at the same hour each day? These might seem like small steps but, for a number of remote workers, they provide structure to every work day.

In fact, the examples above are only a few of the habits that make some WFH staff more successful than others, according to a recent survey from Office Depot. And while different age groups typically have different sets of routine to help them get by, the number one habit across all segments of the working population is achieving work-life balance.

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“When analysing by generation, achieving a work-life balance was the top habit for successful Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers,” the research said. “To live in an environment most conducive for a productive workday, employees should apply some key strategies to make this happen.

“The first step should be to define your home office – how can you make this space feel lively and comfortable? The next is to set boundaries; in other words, set your office hours and stick to them. Other tips include trying your hand at meditation, staying connected with friends and family and reminding yourself that this pandemic won’t last forever.”

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“Over half of respondents also believed taking short breaks was crucial to incorporate into their daily schedules, and just under half felt strongly about being a team player and making sure to start work at the same time each day,” the study showed.

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