Inside an award-winning recognition program

HRD speaks to a prize-winning head of HR about how he uses platforms like Instagram for reward and recognition

Inside an award-winning recognition program
workplace relations specialists Employsure won Best Reward and Recognition (R&R) Program at the 2017 Australian HR Awards.

Two of Employsure’s core platforms for recognition are their Instagram page and their internal Workplace page.

Employsure’s Head of Talent, Michael Morris, told HRD that the company created the Instagram page to give candidates an insight into what life is like at Employsure.

“It is created and curated in a way which we showcase a lot of our professional endeavours,” he said.

“We try to show candidates that there is a lot of opportunity and growth here, but we have a lot of fun as well.”

Morris added that the platform Workplace (“Facebook for work”) has been “amazing” in terms of staff engagement, communication and recognition.

“We see from our data and the analytics behind it that about 95% of our team check Workplace nearly every day,” said Morris.

Morris added that the Ambassadors Club is a club for individuals who have been with the company for two years and have met the required performance expectations to receive a range of benefits, (including additional leave, financial benefits, extended parental leave and further personal development).

Every quarter, Employsure has about 20-25 ambassadors enter the club and that milestone is announced through Workplace.

“We celebrate their entry into the Ambassador’s Club with a custom bobble head and we actually put a picture of their bobble head on Workplace,” said Morris.

Morris said that both Instagram and Workplace have been fantastic tools to unite their team.

“We have about 550 people in the company and more than 200 are based in the field and so what Instagram and Workplace really allow us to do is connect with those field-based team,” he said.

“Our office-based team are generally younger and then our field-based team who are generally a bit more experienced.

“As a result of that demographic, we were looking at ways which we can get our brand out because we are a fast-growing company and we are also a very young company.”

Morris believes that for candidates who are attracted to Employsure the first thing they are going to do is Google the name and have a look at that career’s page.

“Part of the strategy we take from a candidate attraction perspective is making sure that all of our social channels are consistent in the message that is being delivered,” said Morris.

Another innovative part of Employsure’s R&R program involves its ‘Check-In’ which occurs every 90 days.

This where the entire company takes the opportunity to reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and obstacles from the last quarter in relation to capability and values.

This process is identical for every single person in the company, as a transparent and fair method to promote people while also recognising and rewarding outstanding contributions.

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