How many Australians are using AI at work?

Despite time-saving benefits, employees still wary of AI in workplace: survey

How many Australians are using AI at work?

The use of artificial intelligence in Australian workplaces is becoming more widespread, as most employees believe that the technology makes their job easier.

A poll by Fusion Digital on 1,000 Australians revealed that 86% of them are already using AI at work.

Among them, 55% said they use it on an occasional basis, 16.1% reported they use it rarely, while 15.7% said they use it all the time.

On average, Australians spend an average of 4.6 hours a week using AI tools, with the length of time expanding for larger businesses (6.7 hours) than smaller businesses (roughly three hours).

Regular users of AI said they spend 5.4 hours using the tool, with 53% saying they use AI for up to five hours per week, while 32% spend more than five hours with it.

"Our research shows how much AI has impacted the workplace – specifically over the last 12 months. As digital marketers, we've seen first-hand the pace of change and adoption. This technology is here to stay – and it certainly won't be slowing down," said Scott Pittman, Founder at Fusion Digital Agency, in a statement.

Benefits of AI use at work

The widespread use of AI comes as a majority of the respondents agree with its benefits, finds the survey.

Nearly three-quarters (67%) of the respondents said it makes their job easier, with employees from larger organisations more likely to agree.

Source: Fusion Digital

AI is also seen as a time-saving tool for 75% of the respondents, according to the report.

It found that 35% said they were able to save five or more hours weekly because of AI, while 25% said they were able to save up to two hours a week.

"I think we're a way off AI taking everyone's jobs, and at present we're seeing AI empower most employees to scale their output, productivity and value," Pittman said.

"There's competitive advantage on the table right now for those who apply and execute effectively, but this window is closing fast. The time for Australian professionals to get ahead of the AI revolution is now."

Further policies on AI needed

Despite the growing use of AI, however, the survey still showed that a portion of employees remain unsure over AI use. More than half of the respondents (53%) remain wary of trusting AI, while 48% believe AI could be trusted.

Gen Zs, who are usually known as digital natives, still appear to be sceptical over AI, according to the report. Only 40% of them think AI should be trusted, while only 30% think AI generates correct answers.

Source: Fusion Digital

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