11 of the most in-demand remote worker benefits

Going remote? Attract the best talent with this list of perks

11 of the most in-demand remote worker benefits

Despite being allowed back to workplaces, many businesses are looking at adopting a hybrid work set-up, so discussions are being had around what benefits best fit the needs of remote workers and how they should differ from on-site employees.

An article, written by HRD’s Coann Labitoria, reveals 2022’s most in-demand remote worker benefits.

1. Offer health and wellness programs that fit their lifestyle

It’s important for employers to keep their workforce healthy to achieve optimum output. Health and wellness programs are one of the most sought-after employee benefits.

2. Fund their professional development

Knowing an organisation is willing to invest in their professional development goes a long way.

3. Set up tools that will help employee recognition and appreciation

Offering small tokens of appreciation such as gift vouchers, small gift baskets, and monetary gifts can go a long way in motivating employees.

4. Team building events

Be proactive in developing and maintaining an online work environment to keep employees satisfied and competitive.

5. Access with tech and tools

Make sure employees have all the technical tools they need to their job as efficiently as possible

6. Home office improvement allowance

Go beyond the essential equipment needed and offer an allowance for employees to purchase additional home office furniture to make them feel as comfortable as possible working from home.

7. Offer service/volunteer hours

Time off to participate in volunteer efforts and charity activities is a benefit employees look forward to.

8. Unlimited paid time off

One of the main challenges of remote work is separating work life from home life. Offering unlimited leave credits can make your company stand out from others.

9. Mental Health Support

Taking care of the mental health of your employees is vital. Businesses can offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) so employees have a safe space to vent.

10. Give goodies to your remote workers

Receiving a company gift pack makes remote employees feel like they are part of the workforce.

11. Flexible hours

The number one most sought after benefit is flexible hours. As long as there is a clear output outlined, there is no reason remote workers shouldn’t be able to work flexibly.

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