Webinar: What do employees crave?

A HRD webinar in association with Reward Gateway on how HR leaders attract, engage and retain talent with an innovative recognition and reward strategy

Over eighty years of research has proven that humans crave three things to be motivated and engaged at work – respect, purpose and strong relationships with their colleagues, managers, and companies. 

But meeting the needs of today’s multi-generational, digital and mobile workforce is challenging. Employees expect continuous, instant and impactful recognition, which reflects the ‘always-on’ workplace culture and the “always connected” personal life that they now lead. 

HR Changemakers use innovative recognition and reward strategies to accelerate business results by enhancing employee engagement, workplace culture and customer satisfaction.
Join us in this free webinar to uncover:

- Trends in continuous, multi-directional recognition and its importance for a multi-generational workforce

- Studies that prove what your employees crave and the importance of designing strategic recognition that truly impacts engagement

- The must-have components of a best-in-class recognition and reward experience that improves employee performance and boosts business results

- Examples of how HR Leaders have embraced technology to reinforce best behaviours, amplify moments of recognition and provide a seamless and true-to-value reward experience