The Proof is in the Praise: How to implement impactful recognition and reward that delivers ROI

Everybody loves to be praised for a job well done, but does strategic recognition and reward have a tangible impact on business results? How have leading companies evolved their R&R strategy to improve engagement and growth despite cost-constraints and a talent shortage?

Join Reward Gateway’s Content Journalist, Joy Adan, Employee Engagement Consultant, Phoebe Hutton, and Credit Union Australia’s, Chief People Officer, Tracey Lake, on this webinar as they discuss these questions, and how employers successfully leverage strategic employee recognition to drive cultural change and innovation, break down team silos, and enable growth.

This webinar will uncover:

  • How to use frequent and timely recognition and reward to drive behaviours that enable success and encourage collaboration through times of change
  • How real-time data and program insights helps maximise your recognition and reward framework and investment
  • How to create an inclusive, company-wide culture of recognition by shining a spotlight on everyday achievements and starting a ripple-effect across all teams
  • How strengthening your employer brand improves employee retention and recruitment