Smart hires aren't simply smart. They're emotionally intelligent.

Smart hires aren't simply smart. They're emotionally intelligent.

Regardless of occupation, industry or job level, people all over the world recognise that understanding their own and other people’s emotions–and using emotions to solve problems–is a useful skill across many areas of life. Emotional intelligence makes its strongest contribution to job performance when a role requires developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships. While testing for EI has become more common in recruiting for leadership, sales, customer service and the like, traditional approaches to assessing EI have not been without their challenges. New approaches offer rigour, efficiency and an enhanced candidate experience.

Request Revelian’s latest whitepaper which explores:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
  • Why is it important?
  • The role of EI in great leadership, customer service and sales
  • How to measure EI
  • Why EI and Game Based Assessments are a perfect fit

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