Insights report: what Australian employees want

Insights report: what Australian employees want

Recruiting and retaining employees should be at the forefront of every employer’s mind. What do Australians expect from work? What key factors influence their decision to accept a job? And what causes them to leave one?

Our insights report reveals what employees really want from their jobs including the benefits and support they desire most.

We also look at some surprising statistics around the financial health of Australia’s workforce and why it’s more important than event for employers to help their employees stretch their salaries further. 

5 key facts included in the report

  1. The top three considerations people make before accepting a new role are: pay, ease of commute and flexible working.
  2. The top three reasons people leave a role are: dislike of the culture, dislike of management style and feeling underpaid.
  3. 63% of employees would like to be able to access their own information online like payslips, annual and sick leave balances.
  4. 39% of employees want to see evidence that their company cares about their welfare.
  5. 52% of the Australian workforce have difficulty meeting their financial commitments.

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