Aged Care reform & the critical role of HR tech

Aged Care reform & the critical role of HR tech

The aged care system is evolving – both naturally and out of necessity. And change brings new challenges.

With the looming Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and an aging population, the aged care industry is looking to technology for help, particularly in streamlining its HR processes and attracting, training and retaining talent.

Let’s look at the statistics: if we are to keep the current ratio of aged care workers to people aged over 85 (which isn’t even optimal), we need to add almost 78,000 workers to aged care facilities in the next 10 years. This equates to hiring 650 new workers per month. On top of this, we need to replace all aged care workers who are reaching their own retirement age, and due to the high median age of employees in this sector, this equates to about 670 staff leaving every month.

How will HR technology play a critical role in addressing inevitable staffing challenges? And will it successfully improve the aged sector industry in the years to come?

The White Paper explores:

  • The future challenges the industry faces, and issues that have been identified Royal Commission.
  • How a greying population will impact workforce demand
  • Strategies for workforce planning, attracting and retaining employees, talent management and training
  • Case Study: The Illawarra Retirement Trust Group (IRT Group)
  • Case Study: LiveBetter

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