The global employee onboarding crisis

The global employee onboarding crisis

Companies around the world are failing to transform quality talent into effective and engaged employees.

Employee onboarding is the process of taking a preferred candidate through to becoming an effective employee, starting from the moment a job offer is made. This report looks at employee onboarding as a global issue, examining what it means for businesses around the world and presents solutions to help companies address this challenge.

  • 39% of employees encounter problems during the onboarding process or when starting a new job
  • 15% had turned down a job offer due to problems they encountered during the onboarding process
  • 42% didn’t have a laptop or computer when they started
  • 26% of employees didn’t have a desk ready for when they started
  • 38% said that early or first day problems through the onboarding process left them feeling like they had joined an unprofessional company


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