How HR Leaders Can Support Employees Through Cost of Living Pressures

In this webinar, we will learn: ● How Flight Centre has developed a successful discounts and benefits program to help them manage cost of living rises and amplify employer brand ● Ideas for fast and high impact ways to enhance EVP and stretch your employees’ disposable income ● Creative ways to engage and inspire your employees using real time recognition and reward

With inflation on the rise and many companies unable to offer large pay rises, employers are looking for creative ways to support employees and their families to stretch their disposable income. According to our latest research, 71% of Australian HR leaders say the stress from cost of living increases is negatively impacting the work of employees. Putting tools and new support methods in place to help teams cope with stress is critical. In this webinar, Joy Adan from Reward Gateway, and Steven Elvin from Flight Centre, will explore how Flight Centre and Reward Gateway came together to create a high-impact benefit for all employees that also amplified the Flight Centre employer brand in the talent marketplace.