HRD Innovative HR Teams 2021

HRD Innovative HR Teams 2021

Welcome to this year’s HRD Innovative HR Teams report.

Innovation is at the heart of business success and never more so than during the uncertain times of the last 12 months.

As the HR sector continues to evolve and adapt to ongoing changes, we’ll look back on 2020 as the year of innovation. From leading the crisis response during the early stages COVID-19 to navigating what exactly the new normal will look like, HR professionals have been in the thick of it.

HRD invited teams from across Australia to showcase their achievements and innovation over the last 12 months. The call for entries was conducted from November 9 to December 4 2020 – with HRD receiving a flurry of applicants from a wide variety of industries.

Entries focused on a broad range of areas including talent management, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, reward and recognition, culture, and HR technology. All applications were evaluated by an internal panel based on the initiatives they have led and results achieved over the past 12 months.

This year’s list showcases the top 30 HR teams who have led the way when it comes to innovation.

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