Hot List 2019

Hot List 2019

Though it's an easy thing to forget, human resources is fundamentally a job about people. It involves humans dealing with other humans, navigating their way through the oft-murky waters that permeate so much of human interaction. Certainly technology can help with this, removing ambiguity and streamlining certain processes. But it is no coincidence that those who rise to the top in this field are exceptional at dealing with people.

So with the halfway point of 2019 already behind us, it seems an appropriate time to look back at the talent who are carving out a significant mark for themselves in the world of HR. The 2019 Hot List serves as something of a who’s who in Australian HR, highlighting those who have made a recent and valuable contribution to the field.

Over the following pages, you’ll see HR professionals of all stripes, both junior and senior, spread across a wide range of industries and sectors. Some are industry veterans; others are still in the process of making their debut. A key uniting factor is their continued emphasis on excellence within the everchanging and ever-expanding world of HR.

But perhaps even more importantly, all of the HR professionals on this year’s list have demonstrated their ability to engage with people and convince others of the value of their ideas and initiatives. Anyone who has worked in HR in any capacity can tell you of the difficulties faced in this process; no matter the brilliance of the initial idea, there are stakeholders who will object, both internal and external. The ability to unite and drive an idea from fruition through to completion is a powerful skill indeed.

So read on and discover the personalities who have emerged as important figures in the landscape of Australia HR in 2019.