Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

It’s not easy being the head of HR in a large organisation. As the HR professionals featured on the following pages will attest, HR often gets thrown the tasks that are deemed ‘too hard’ by other managers.

Be it downsizing or rightsizing, HR must step in when others step away. But it’s not always grim – many of those profiled in this year’s Hot List have steered initiatives around diversity and inclusion, broken down walls of discrimination and prejudice, and shone a light on neglected areas of business. They have also treated people with respect in difficult circumstances.

Some of these HR leaders have the accolades to prove it, having been recognised by the likes of Aon Hewitt and Great Place to Work, or won an Australian HR Award. Yet HR is a profession that all too quietly goes about its business, so HRD is pleased to put the spotlight in this year’s Hot List on the inspiring HR practitioners leading the way in the field.

Read on for highlights of the achievements and innovations of 2018’s top HR leaders.

It is widely understood that we are in the midst of a tremendous disruption in every industry and organisation. This disruption is fundamentally changing the workplace, the workforce, and how we hire and manage people. While overall demand for workers will likely remain strong, these changes will lead to a shortage of people with the right skills for the jobs of the future. Official estimates from the ABS forecast that Australia is likely to have around 1.4 million unfillable job vacancies by 2025.

HR leaders across all sectors are facing the challenge of building positive employee experiences and a compelling employee proposition that delivers real value in attracting and retaining talent.

For more than 30 years, Maxxia has been helping organisations gain an edge with tailored employee benefit programs. We support over 1,200 organisations and their HR teams across multiple sectors in being forward-thinking in their benefit program strategies. We are entrusted to provide tangible value to over 300,000 employees with a range of benefits.

Maxxia is proud to sponsor HRD’s 2018 Hot List, which showcases HR’s high achievers and acknowledges those forging new ground in their profession.

Andrew Daly
Group executive customer development, Maxxia