Employer of Choice 2019

Employer of Choice 2019

THERE’S NO question that some employers are better to work for than others. Most readers could point to specific factors that make one company better than another. It’s even likely that you’ve provided suggestions to your companies’ management about how things could be improved. And many readers will have experienced employment situations that were less than desirable.

The truth is that every business that plans to have a future wants to be an ‘Employer of Choice’. Given the demand for talent across the wider employment market, any business worth its salt is eager to have prospective employees actively seek them out. Importantly, they also want those employees to hang around for the long haul, after that initial ‘new job’ glow has worn off .

This is an achievable goal. If employers are willing, they can equip themselves with the necessary tools and skills to deliver an aboveand-beyond experience for their employees. This will yield benefits too: employees will be far more likely to stay for longer periods and to also be more productive, which yields multiple benefits of its own.

So, what elevates a company to the level of Employer of Choice? It’s clear that employers cannot merely provide an office and a pay cheque – those days have long since disappeared into the ether. There must be additional incentive.

In an attempt to dissect this broader topic and consider all elements of the employee experience, HRD’s Employer of Choice survey asked participating employees about key areas that have been identified as critical to feeling engaged at work. Chief among these were whether their employers provided career paths, offered suitable learning and development opportunities, and rewarded and recognised a job well done (see boxout on opposite page for the full list of questions asked).

Those companies that achieved the highest average scores from employees across all questions are highlighted as ‘top performers’ in each subcategory. The cream of the crop are the Employer of Choice winners. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards have been given to those employers in our three size categories that are truly going above and beyond. As always, it was great to see a mix of returning stars from years past, while also witnessing the debut of rising forces in this area.

The survey results are revealing. They provide key insights into the areas that employees value, the disparity that can exist between their views and what employers themselves may value, and how that gap can subsequently be closed.

Read on to see who came out on top – and perhaps more importantly, why they came out on top.