What's new in the HR Report?

Early respondents to the Australasian HR Report survey are talking about what’s new in HR since #MeToo

What's new in the HR Report?

The Australasian HR Report (formerly the APAC HR Report) has added a new section this year looking at workplace culture in the wake of the #MeToo movement. HR managers are asked how much impact the movement has had and whether they have plans for workplace diversity initiatives or cultural change.

Responses so far have been varied, with many respondents reporting no discussion and no impact at their organisations, while others have seen a huge shift. In the case of the former, reasons have also been mixed.

For some companies, the movement is simply more evidence that the employer will do little to support employees, with staff members unwilling to voice concerns because they know nothing will be done. One respondent dismissed it as a trend for “fad junkies”. Many industries have an ingrained gender imbalance—in these workplaces, diversity may be a larger issue than sexual harassment. On the more positive end of the spectrum, the news made little impact as teams already enjoyed an inclusive culture or were engaged in ongoing diversity programs.

Other HR managers have witnessed an increase in people calling out poor behavior and formal complaints about bullying and inappropriate behaviour. One organisation greatly affected by #MeeToo told HRD there have huge subsequent investments in staff engagement, safeguarding and culture.

The Australasian HR Report survey is still open until Friday 8 June. HR professionals are encouraged to add their valuable insight and comments to help HRD build a picture of the region in 2018. 

As an added incentive, there will be a prize awarded to the best respondent of the following question: “What you think is the biggest game changer in HR at the moment?” The winner will receive a bottle of vintage 2009 Dom Pérignon champagne.

To add your feedback to the Australasian HR Report survey, click here.

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