What does it take to be a great leader in HR?

There are four competencies that most consistently separate the top quartile leaders from the other HR leaders

What does it take to be a great leader in HR?

Some of the best leaders in the world are part of the HR function, however there are several areas where there’s room to enhance leadership skills.

That was one of the key findings of a major global study over five years based on 360-degree feedback data by 2,187 HR leaders.

The research by Zenger Folkman found that there are four competencies that most consistently separate the top quartile leaders from the other HR leaders.

These included establishing stretch goals, solving problems and analysing issues, developing strategic perspective and connecting to the outside world.

The study concluded that if more HR leaders would add these four leadership competencies to their skill sets, there would be much more sitting at the table; and an increasing number seated at the head of the table.

So how can HR professionals/senior leaders acquire further leadership skills in a manner that is relevant to their specific environments?

Approaches in the past involving theories of motivation, management and leadership have often missed the importance of the relationship between the workplace and the individual.

On the other hand, by applying leadership concepts and frameworks to their own experiences, HR professionals can take an in-depth analysis of their own leadership abilities.

Therefore, by reflecting on past challenges and issues they can make improvements to their personal leadership styles and expand on their repertoire of actions and behaviours.

In particular, by learning on the job through further postgraduate education, HR professionals can help their team improve their performance, talent and capabilities.

This is especially significant given a recent Australian Human Resources Institute survey found almost 30% of its members already hold a Master’s degree, and over half of these HR professionals believe that they will need to pursue further education to prepare for future changes in the workplace environment.

Deakin University’s Master of Leadership is designed for senior professionals who value the importance of effective leadership and its impact on business success.

This course recognises the knowledge you’ve acquired through learning and experience, and will strengthen your approach to leadership by enhancing your existing skills.

It has been created for busy working professionals who need the acknowledgement of their skills and experience through a faster and more cost-effective postgraduate degree.

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