Top 10 best paid jobs in Australia

Hint hint…HR is on the list

Top 10 best paid jobs in Australia

How much a person makes in a role – compared with how much time they’ll spend working – is an important consideration for people weighing their employment options.

“Whether you’re a senior executive in your current industry or a graduate considering your future professional ambitions, salary is likely one of the main contributing factors in your career decisions,” analysts from recruitment consulting firm Michael Page said.

The group compiled salary data on the 10 highest-paying jobs in Australia, and found a surprising mix of traditional and emerging roles becoming lucrative. Among them are technology management positions, such as Chief Technology Officer or Head of Technology.

“These roles aren’t purely limited to tech companies either. The top industries for tech skills include the public sector, fast-moving consumer goods, professional services, financial services, and retail,” the firm noted.

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Another area of high salary growth is property development. “Property Development Directors historically have had well paid jobs in Australia, but in 2019 this trend continues, particularly after a recent report ranked Melbourne and Sydney as part of the top three cities in the Asia Pacific for property investment,” the firm said.

“Development Directors manage the fundraising and investment strategy for a property development, as well as oversee the project management, and receive generous remuneration to do so.”

Below is a snapshot of Australia’s most lucrative careers:

1. Managing Director
Average salary
Pharmaceuticals: $366,000
Health care: $330,000
Consumer: $360,000
2.Chief Financial Officer or Finance Director
Average salary
CFO: $350,000
Finance Director: $215,000
3. In-house General Counsel
Average salary
0-3 years of experience: $283,000
7+ years of experience: $438,000
4. General Manager (Construction)
Average salary: $350,000
5.Head of Operations (Mining)
Average salary: $325,000
6.Sales Director
Maximum salary
Telecoms: $375,000
Business Services: $308,000
Consumer: $285,000
7.Chief Technology Officer or Head of Technology
Average salary: $300,000

8.Vice President or Associate Director (Finance)

Average salary
Mergers & Acquisition: $263,000
Leveraged Finance: $250,000
9.  Development Director (Property)
Average salary: $275,000
10. HR Director
Average salary: $242,000

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