Revealed: Australia's best employers for remuneration

HRD has released the names of the top-performing companies in the remuneration category of the 2016 Employer of Choice awards.

Revealed: Australia's best employers for remuneration
quo;I need a pay rise!” These words may be heard all too frequently by HR professionals, but fortunately a significant 71% of voters in this year’s HRD Employer of Choice survey either agreed or strongly agreed their employer paid satisfactory remuneration. That’s not to say there aren’t challenges to remaining market competitive on remuneration.

This year's top performers in the remuneration category were (in alphabetical order) 1300apprentice, Churchill Education, Data#3 and DLA Piper.

HC spoke to Jane Kennedy, CEO of 1300apprentice who said that operating in the not-for-profit area throws out unique challenges when considering remuneration. "While it is possible to find out the wage brackets for the various roles within our industry, it is the flexibility of conditions and family-friendly arrangements that people respond to" she said. "Each employee is an individual and wherever possible a package that suits the individual is devised. There is constant review of the industry standards and a genuine effort made to deliver competitive wages and outstanding conditions.”

In the survey, HR professionals shared their thoughts on the remuneration challenges that they are facing. One reader noted: “The not-for-profit sector has been hit hard with FBT changes.” Employers in social services and healthcare were also struggling to keep up with employee expectations. One respondent in a social services role wrote: “The sector in general does not pay amazingly but you work for the love of enriching the lives of others.”

And even though the broader Australian economic outlook might be cautiously optimistic, in some instances this is not enough – especially in multinational corporations. One respondent suggested: “Global directives may impact on the local operation's ability to reward on performance.”
Few things in business are more contentious than what people are paid – and while HR consultants continuously downplay the importance of financial reward, clearly employees value what they are being paid above almost everything else. In some instances, it can act as part of an effective retention strategy, as this reader pointed out: “I strongly agree that my employer pays staff at a high level and this is one of the many reasons I have chosen to remain with this company for many years.”
Other employers have mixed in non-financial recognition to the remuneration on offer. One employee wrote: “My employer offers competitive packages plus a great longevity program which provides rewards including bonuses, iPads, additional leave, sabbaticals, and a personal training and development fund.”
Top-performing companies for remuneration (in alphabetical order):
  1. 1300apprentice
  2. Churchill Education
  3. Data#3
  4. DLA Piper


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