Recognising best practices to enhance work environments

Kylie Green on what makes Reward Gateway an award-winning service provider

Recognising best practices to enhance work environments

Keeping their people inspired has been a challenge for many organisations as a growing number of employees seek work-life balance and healthier workplace conditions. Reward Gateway enables its clients address these issues by providing tailored reward and recognition programs, engagement analytics, and wellness content. Its effective programs have won for it a gold medal in the Reward and Recognition category of HRD’s Service Provider Awards 2022.

What accounts for Reward Gateway’s success? In this interview, senior vice president of global sales, Kylie Green, reveals the company’s strengths, primarily its focus on “best practice recognition and designing programs aligned to its mission of making the world a better place to work”. Constant emphasis on innovation and caring for customers’ needs in a fast-evolving environment also keep Reward Gateway on the right track.

Furthermore, Reward Gateway builds partnerships and engages in storytelling so that its partners can promote employees’ visibility, “celebrate [their] communication and the connection,” and highlight the positive behaviour of those who are considered advocates within their organisations.

Among the workplace developments Reward Gateway has observed over the past two years, its partner organisations’ shift to a hybrid environment has opened up “opportunities for how [to] digitalise their employee experience, how [to] create moments of connection, moments of storytelling that […] can really shine a spotlight on those that are living their values,” says Green.

Another important change is employees’ intention to “be aligned to the organisation and their strategic goals”. As these goals evolve, organisations need to appreciate their employees while continuing to improve productivity and performance. There has also been a greater emphasis on creating workplaces that retain and support talent, especially as they grapple with cost-of-living problems.

Over the next year, Reward Gateway plans to continue digitalising the employee experience and personalising stories to celebrate individual contributions. Green says another priority is assisting organisations to address safety, productivity, and performance concerns. Wellbeing is also a goal that Reward Gateway aims to actualise through its new acquisition, MoveSpring, which develops activity-based software solutions to ensure workers’ health.

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