Onsite vaccine clinics come to Australian workplaces

Health Minister Greg Hunt is rolling out the plans

Onsite vaccine clinics come to Australian workplaces

Businesses across Australia can now take steps to make vaccinations available in the workplace. Health Minister Greg Hunt has introduced the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Partners Programme, allowing employers to partner with vaccine providers to administer jabs in workplaces. Providers can seek accreditation through a Request for Tender programme.

The plan is expected to expand the vaccinated workforce in Australia. It also prevents employers charging employees for the vaccines.

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"With the potential to reach Australians at places they already go to every day, this programme will make it even easier for people to get vaccinated, while recognising the eagerness of businesses to help," said Hunt in a statement.

The move, which is part of the country's growing vaccination rollout programme, is expected to kickstart the Stage 3 of the National COVID Shield Campaign Plan.  The plan outlines a roadmap for Australia regarding vaccine rollout, with the third stage involving adding "new channels and delivery capability to utilise increasing supply of new and existing vaccines." The plan scheduled the third stage to take place between October to December.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has stressed that employers play a "vital role in helping to support and encourage their staff in getting the COVID-19 vaccine."

They said managers can provide employees with access to reliable and accurate information about the vaccine, run awareness campaigns in their organisation, share expert advice videos to explain the jabs, and urge staff to be cautious of misinformation.

"Only through collective effort will we help people to make well-informed decisions and encourage as many people as possible to the COVID-19 vaccine," the chamber added.

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