Motivation 101: How to quit the ‘rut’ race

Lacking a sense of accomplishment and growth in your career? Perhaps you need to quit the ‘rut’ race.

Motivation 101: How to quit the ‘rut’ race
Don’t remember the last time you felt engaged, motivated and full of possibility in regards to your career? If so, you’re not alone, according to Phil Schibeci, author of How to Get Out of The RUT Race.

“Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose sight of your enthusiasm as life becomes a daily grind and you slowly slip into a rut,” he said.

“When the things you don’t enjoy outweigh the things you do enjoy, you’re not feeling fulfilled and not having much fun. Without a sense of accomplishment, you can experience a lack of motivation and feel tired and burnt out.”

The first step to getting back on track is to slant the balance of enjoyable tasks in your favour, to recreate “the passion and motivation that was once there”, Schibeci said – adding that it’s essential to first create a clear structure to follow.

“Create two lists: one of all the things you dislike about your daily routine, and the other all the things you enjoy doing. Number the things on your ‘want to do’ list in order of importance, then try replacing as many items on the ‘don’t want to do’ as possible with enjoyable tasks that achieve the same result,” he suggested.

“Next, set some short, medium and long-term goals associated with the tasks you enjoy most. Then create a simple plan of how you are going to achieve these goals, making sure you’re crystal clear about the very first step you need to take.”

Taking action on those goals – which could be as simple as making a phone call to ask a colleague or mentor for advice or support – will help you re-energise and build momentum.

“The key is to think less and act more,” Schibeci said. “Just jump in and do something to get the ball rolling again.”

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