Mass communication: Is video the way forward?

Communicating important ideas to the entire workforce can be a challenge, especially if they’re already being bombarded by emails. Could video be the answer?

Mass communication: Is video the way forward?
When it comes to mass communication in an organisation, sending out an email to convey an important idea may not cover it.

Workers are often bombarded with emails throughout the day and it’s easy to accidentally delete or skim read ones that don’t immediately catch their attention.

Could video be the next medium for internal communication?

Matt Taylor from video production company The Explainers told HC that more than half of the company’s work came from HR professionals and marketers wanting to make internal communication videos.

“They need something that is short and succinct and can be sent around to lots of people to tell them what’s going on. Often, we try to help them work on the message and how they want to tell it.

“Video works in that regard because it’s a way of turning a message into something quite simple that is easy to share on the intranet or through email. It also appeals to millennial audiences and younger folk.”

He said video was also a way to put “an attractive graphic spin” on the message being conveyed.

“We did some work with Ray White. It was their first marketing initiative in four years and the company had a whole new purpose. It was also tying in with a rebrand. It’s a way of not only telling people about this exciting new chapter in the business, but also bringing the new branding and the look of the business to life at the same time.

“Quite often companies get rebranded or go through some very long process and then it kind of gets dropped on the rest of the company and they’ve got to find ways to enact it and make it come to life – which video is excellent at doing, as well as having a message and a purpose at the same time.”

He said having the videos produced externally could help to make sure that industry jargon didn’t creep into the message and the production process gave clients a chance to refine their message.

“People are becoming more concerned with the meaning and purpose of their work. I think how you talk about that and how you present it to people is becoming increasingly important. When people take the time to highlight the reason people are doing things, it can only serve to benefit the greater purpose of the organisation.”

Would you use video for internal communication? 

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