Lighter side: Graduate channels David Brent

After 100 rejections, a frustrated job seeker in the UK has channelled Ricky Gervais to impress would-be employers.

Lighter side: Graduate channels David Brent
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yeah?

So Ricky Gervais should be thrilled that a frustrated job seeker in the UK has channelled Gervais’ renowned character David Brent from The Office.

Will Bower created the clever and cheeky video in the hope that it will convince someone to employ him.

The innovative campaign features recent graduate Will Bower dressed in a sharp suit, interviewing himself and speaking about his career achievements in the third person, parodying the smarmy, over-confident Office character.

“People say, ‘Oh Will, Will you’re so successful already aren’t you. Well, yeah, cheers,” he said in the video (watch it here).

“They say ‘oh Will, you’ve been on BBC radio recently to talk about your videos, right? Yeah, I have’.”

The two-and-a-half-minute clip lists his accomplishments today – along with a few carefully chosen buzz words, like “synergy” – and although Bower clarified that he is “obviously nothing like this in real life”, he maintains “the facts are true!”

“I'm looking for a creative job role in advertising or marketing, so have created my own marketing campaign to get the people that I want to work for to visit this website,” he wrote.

“I've just graduated from the University of Sussex with a 2:1 B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Business and Management Studies and thought that I'd tell you about myself with an advert... in the style of David Brent from the BBC's The Office. Yeah. Why not?!”

Bower came up with the innovative online campaign to try to land himself a job after applying for 100 different roles, without success.

Gervais has shared details of the campaign with his 2.3 million Facebook followers.


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