'It’s not rocket science!' How to create a stunning workplace

The HR director of Stryker outlines the key ingredients of an outstanding workplace

'It’s not rocket science!' How to create a stunning workplace

Creating a great workplace isn’t rocket science, according to Erin Cramlet, senior director, HR for Stryker South Pacific.

It actually comes down to people, culture and “ensuring one positively fuels the other”, apparently.

“We wouldn’t be the first company to cite people and culture as key ingredients to a great workplace, but it’s what you do with these important elements that makes all the difference.”

Stryker’s recently been named as one of Australia’s best workplaces in the ‘Great Places To Work’ study. The company finished second on the list for organisations between 100-999 employees.

In particular, Cramlet said it’s important to purposefully look to “attract people who care about others and will genuinely feel rewarded by the work”.

“In doing so, we have developed a culture of driven, hardworking, passionate people who love working for a company that makes a real difference in this world.”

According to Cramlet, Stryker is driven to make healthcare better, whilst the company looks for the same passion amongst employees and potential applicants.

This involves placing a large emphasis on looking “beyond the resume” and attracting candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to take on a successful career in medical technology.

“It is our belief that our success as a company starts with our strengths-based hiring philosophy,” said Cramlet.

“We choose to focus on understanding whether a potential candidate’s talents and strengths align with the role they are applying for, rather than whether or not they’ve had experience in that particular role before.

“This approach enables our employees to do what they do best, while also providing them with the opportunity to learn and grow their career, alongside a growing company.”

Moreover, Cramlet previously told HRD that she chose to move into HR because of the sustained and lasting impact it can have on people’s lives.

“This impact extends beyond our workforce and touches the families of each our employees,” said Cramlet.

“As an HR community, we create cultures where people can use their strengths and enjoy their work. I love being a part of this.”


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