How to empower your workforce to lead without limits

Since the onset of COVID, businesses have been fast-tracking digital transformation

How to empower your workforce to lead without limits

Resilience is an important part of being a leader, both personally as an individual and in developing organisational resilience to always ensure a path forward for yourself, your team and your business.

An upcoming Coursera-hosted webinar entitled ‘Empower your workforce to lead without limits’, will give insights on new organisational priorities from an evolving business environment, discuss trending skills in different industries across APAC, give tips on building the right leadership program to fit your business and provide a solution for leadership skills on a personal, team or organisational level.

HRD sat down with Coursera managing director (APAC), Raghav Gupta to talk about the challenges facing HR leaders right now and the standout lessons he took away from 2021.

Since the onset of COVID, businesses have been fast-tracking digital transformation and it’s clear the future of ‘essential skills’ will include a mixture of digital and human elements. “To keep pace as change accelerates, businesses must empower their employees with job-based skills development paths and equip them with the growth mindset and human skills required to thrive in a digital economy,” said Gupta.

Leaders must prepare workforces for the new normal. To do this Gupta says, “it is imperative to foster a learning culture and ensure strong employee engagement in training programs”. He adds, “enterprise learning must evolve to take a more skills-first learning approach.”

Coursera recently launched LevelSets, an assessment tool that helps learners understand their current skill proficiency and then uses high-quality content to create a clear development path that aligns to the user’s skill goals.

Gupta says one of the things to come out of 2021 was the big digital opportunity. Big enterprises, across different sectors are doubling down on building data and analytics skills. “Companies are fast-tracking digital transformation, which is changing the skills they are investing in, and looking for,” said Gupta.

The fastest growing job skills of 2022 report from Coursera highlights the changing role of data in an organisation. Data is now needed as much by HR to identify skills gaps as it is by sales to track performance. “Whether marketer or product manager, building data-centric skills can be invaluable to level up one’s career.

84% of HR leaders believe it’s more important now to develop soft skills than it was before the pandemic. The Coursera for Business Leadership Academy prepares employees for a range of different leadership roles by learning to:

  • Lead Yourself – enable employees to develop leadership behaviors by obtaining a foundational understanding of management, change, and human skills.
  • Lead Teams – develop team leadership capabilities by strengthening change, recognition, people development, and collaboration skills.
  • Lead Organizations – build organizational leadership capabilities that empower leaders to grow people and profits.
  • Lead Transformation – develop workforce capabilities that empower all employees to adapt, innovate, and transform the business.

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