How large organisations can foster a sense of belonging

"The best organisations are using DEI and belonging to inform how they're attracting talent"

How large organisations can foster a sense of belonging

As employers continue to grapple with a volatile global environment, one thing is clear – the workforce is becoming more mobile, more dynamic, and increasingly remote.

In this environment, cultivating a sense of ‘belonging’ can be tough. However, research shows that employees with a strong sense of belonging are typically 3x more likely to be engaged, productive and committed to their job. So how can you create an environment where each individual feels like they’re part of a team, valued and accepted for who they are?

In a large and complex organisation, creating a sense of belonging can be an even bigger challenge. According to the Achievers Workforce Institute, the most effective way to do this is via the ‘five pillar model’ which focuses on making employees feel welcome, known, included, supported and connected.

“To create a full sense of belonging within an individual, you need to be addressing those five pillars consistently and in a meaningful way,” Achievers RVP sales Mark Barling says.

“When you combine things like race, gender, background and sexuality with a large and complex organisation, the challenge is quite different to what you might find in a smaller business.”

“The positive thing is that we’ve really seen the awareness levels around belonging and DEI accelerate, and the subject is now being represented at very senior roles which are directly informing organisational, cultural and people strategies,” he adds.

“Quite clearly, organisations are endorsing the need to act more on these subjects and do more for their people by making those structural accommodations.”

Achievers will be hosting a webinar on 7 July – How Belonging at Work Helps Complex Organisations Retain and Grow Their Employee Value Proposition.

The webinar will share practical insights on how employees can feel welcome, known, included, supported and connected every day, and attendees will hear from a range of companies using the five-pillar model.

It will also discuss how to develop a shared culture, create connections across the business, and the role of effective recognition practices in cultivating a sense of belonging.

“The best organisations are using DEI and belonging to inform how they’re attracting talent,” Barling says.

“We want to understand how connections can be made to create a sense of belonging in complex organisations, and how you can have a proactive approach to DEI. We’ll also unpack the ways in which organisations are using belonging to extend value to their employees.”

To find out more and register for the webinar on 7th July, click here.

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