Hot jobs 2015: Will you be in demand?

The latest annual Hot Jobs forecast has been released, detailing a specific HR role as the in-demand job of 2015.

Chief Human Resources Officers will be high on the in-demand list for 2015, according to CTPartners' 20th annual Hot Jobs forecast. 

This year’s report suggested that hiring for new positions will be driven by significant changes and altercations in demands across “the four ‘Ds’”:

Data: Innovations in data collection and analysis are increasingly major influencers in driving new roles at executive level.
Digital: A strong working relationship between the chief digital officer and the chief marketing officer within any organisation is predicted to become increasingly important.
Disruption: As new IPOs disrupt markets across all sectors, emerging executive leadership roles are being strongly driven by a focus on growth and strong financial management.
Diversity: As globalisation is remaining fast-paced, new executive roles will need to represent the diversity of companies’ customer and employee bases.

CTPartners compiled a list of the roles which are predicted to emerge or see an increase in demand throughout 2015:

Human Resources:
Chief Human Resources Officer: CEOs are looking for much more out of their HR leader and from a global perspective. The CHRO of today and tomorrow will act as a consistent and reliable counsellor and source of support to the CEO, viewed as a trusted strategic partner who can debate and challenge business decisions and priorities. World-class CHROs will be highly competent in interacting with the C-Suite, the board of directors, and key managers throughout the organisation.
Head of People Analytics: With the vast data and analytical tools available to CEOs, they need a Head of People Analytics who can provide them deeper and more meaningful information about human capital, which CTPartners claims is a corporation’s “most valuable asset”. The Head of People Analytics will have the ability to harness data to measure performance on employee engagement, development, recruitment, retention, work efficiency, compensation matters, and return on investment in talent.

Digital and Marketing
Chief Marketing Officer: CMOs must embrace data analytics in order to measure performance effectively.
Digital Marketing/Chief Creative Officer: The responsibility of marketing executives is increasing as advertising platforms continue to shift from traditional to online media, which allows closer tracking of return on investment.
Chief Digital Officer: The demand for Chief Digital Officers is increasing as they are being called upon to develop effective strategies for mobile and digital platforms.

Retail Industry:
Analytics Practice Leader: A key priority for employers is having the ability to capture and utilise large amounts of data being made available from customer interactions, supply chain feedback as well as other sources.
Chief Growth Officer: The CGO is responsible for identifying growth opportunities across digital media and technology as well as borrowing ideas from the start-up world.
Head of Personalisation: The head of personalisation is required to be an expert at integrating the knowledge gained from customer behaviour analytics into engagement and marketing strategies.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry:
Head of Customer Engagement: Pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations are taking a digital approach to engaging with and responding to customer bases.
Chief Patient Officer: As healthcare and technology continue to merge, patient awareness and demand will increase, causing a growth in the demand for chief patient officers.
Head of Population/Health Management: In addition to disease management expertise, this role will require an in depth comprehension of data and analytical tools as well as how to prioritise business requirements across a broad spectrum of healthcare providers and customers.
Chief Innovation Officer: The CIO is an emerging life sciences role encompassing product development and strategic direction responsibilities.

Financial Sector:
Private Equity CFO: As private equity is becoming increasingly robust on a global scale, this particular financial leader will require the capacity to swiftly make decisions 

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