Fun Friday: The best side hustles for remote workers

'A part-time job can help fill in employment gaps and provide much-needed income during uncertain times,' a career expert advises

Fun Friday: The best side hustles for remote workers

Having a part-time job offers a “valuable lifeline” to workers who want to make good use of their time while on furlough, in between jobs, or looking to augment their income during a crisis.

Even roles that require fewer than 35 hours a week can help people who are out of work or struggling to stay afloat.

“A part-time job can help fill in employment gaps and provide much-needed income or even benefits during these uncertain times,” said Brie Reynolds, career development manager at FlexJobs.

And as recruitment practices change after the COVID-19 lockdown, part-time opportunities – especially those open to remote workers – will continue to reshape the labour market.

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“Outside of a company’s immediate geographic area, companies can find a talented, diverse workforce in terms of race, gender, age, ability and life circumstance,” Reynolds told HRD.

“Businesses will need to consider working remotely as part of any future emergency or resiliency plan and formalize a policy. But it can also become part of the daily operational and long-term strategic policy of a company,” she said.

It’s a win-win situation for employers and employees alike. Managing part-time remote workers is like having a ready and steady talent pool that enjoys flexibility just as companies navigate their way back to economic recovery post-pandemic.

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“HR and recruiting managers should shore up a knowledge base around how remote work and remote recruiting can work for their companies in the long term,” Reynolds shared.

FlexJobs also recently analyzed the best part-time jobs and their average pay:

  • Speech language pathologist: $39 per hour
  • Therapist: $24 per hour
  • Accountant: $20 per hour
  • Editor: $20 per hour
  • Online ESL teacher: $20 per hour
  • Writer: $20 per hour
  • Graphic designer: $17 per hour
  • Recruiter: $17 per hour
  • Social media manager: $16 per hour
  • Virtual assistant: $16 per hour

“While you may think that most remote, part-time jobs are in the technology field, there is a wide range of job titles and salaries for remote, part-time jobs across all career categories,” Reynolds said.

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